The client­ is a leading company who designs, develops and manufactures aerosol drug delivery and associated lung health devices. They sought CHEATAs advice and knowledge to help contribute to the Value Proposition of one of their CE marked products that is currently on the market and to advise on engagement with the NICE MTEP committee for potential inclusion into their guidelines.

The CHEATA Solution

The client worked with CHEATA to undertake the following:

  • To review their product, evidence and data pack
  • To confirm and define the proposed Value Proposition including:
  • Design a questionnaire and undertake an informal survey of key healthcare workers in the respiratory area to gather feedback on the use of the device in different patient populations
  • How the product would fit into the current patient care pathways and competitor analysis
  • To review the economic impact and to define the problem statements to be answered by the subsequent economic modelling within the defined patient segment and care pathway
  • Advise on the commercial benefits and risks in making a submission to NICE.


The deliverable report, which included a gap analysis on the current evidence and a cost benefit analysis, made a significant contribution to the Value Proposition for the medical device under review. A range of options regarding further steps and recommendations were detailed in the report. The client decided to defer submission to NICE until the results of additional studies were available for review.