CHEATA client Coloplast are celebrating a significant milestone for their Peristeen product. NICE have published a Medical Technology Guidance document, MTG36, on the use of Peristeen, an anal irrigation device, by people who suffer bowel dysfunction.

CHEATA has provided support to the manufacturer, Coloplast, through whole process of engaging with NICE from the initial Briefing Note submission, collation of the Sponsors Submission of Evidence document, responding to NICE queries after the Expert review through to the final committee meeting. The Peristeen device is expected to have a significant impact on the quality of life for bowel dysfunction patients and particular thanks must go to the 2 fantastic patient experts chosen by NICE who went in front of the NICE committee to describe how Peristeen has changed their lives for the better. Their stories played a large part in the committee’s positive decision.

 “The clinical and patient experts explained that for people with bowel dysfunction, even small improvements in these patient-reported outcome measures can translate into significant quality-of-life benefits and could mean the difference between adequate bowel control and incontinence.

The patient experts emphasised that using Peristeen has vastly improved their lives, allowing them a degree of functional independence (such as going on holiday and maintaining a permanent job) that was not possible with the standard bowel care they had previously received. “

Coloplast are delighted with the outcome and have commented on the support they got from CHEATA - “Your guidance, support and expert advice has been outstanding”.


Congratulations to all involved at Coloplast and CHEATA!


Coloplast press release –

Story on the Nursing Times –

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