Some medical devices are designed with a very specific purpose in mind whereas others can be used in a variety of different settings, ways and patient populations. CHEATA can identify clinical areas or patient populations where your medical device could potentially be used. Evidence from literature searches can be supported by face to face discussions with clinicians, nurses and healthcare workers to understand current practices and the potential for the use of the medical device in specific healthcare settings.

We are currently working with 2 medical device companies to identify the best patient population to be the focus of future clinical studies. This has involved searching for data from of a variety of sources including standard literature sources such as PubMed and EMBASE, freely available online resources such as those found on the NICE website and NHS or even NUH information sources. The output delivers an evidence-based "long list" of potential populations which the client can then review and discuss which they would like to investigate further.  We then consult with relevant groups and clinicians based at NUH to gather their input into the use of the device in a particular patient pathway as well as offering the company the opportunity to meet with the clinicians to discuss the willingness to scope out any potential clinical investigations that may be deemd appropriate.

Check back soon for new case studies once these projects have been completed.